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We find ourselves in an extraordinary situation due to the corona virus and 

the change in general market conditions for deliveries. 

The markets are uncertain, which means longer delivery times.

Our recommendation is that you as  customers, place your orders for grate bars for the upcoming service season, well in advance.

However, in Weiss we always make sure to have a great amount and wide range of grate bars on stock, but challenges can still occur.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

A new years is coming

2021 is drawing to an end, and Weiss would very much like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Christmas is a time for most people to spend with family, preparing for the year ahead. In Weiss it’s the same, which is why our offices will be closed from December 23rd 2021 to January 2nd. 2022, both days included.

However, we can be reached on our service ph: +45 30 98 35 60

Thank you for your constructive cooperation this year. It has been a busy year, and we look forward to a continued cooperation with you.

Best regards

Kenneth Iversen


We are hard at work in Weiss

We are currently working on a large overhaul for a customer in The Netherlands.

Replacement of stainless steel quench tubes, Flue gas filter repair, replacement of dampers i ECO and grate repair. We expect to finish by the end of november.

New employee

We are happy to welcome our new employee Soren Moulvad.

Soren is the new Sales Managerat Weiss,but will be working inter-departmental within  Linka Group.

In Linka Group it is our priority to provide good service to customers in all segments, which is why we have hired Soren.

Soren has extensive experience with energy plants, from previous employments and he is looking forward to meeting  Weiss and Linkas many costumers.
Welcome Soren, we look forward to working with you.

New employee

We are happy to welcome our new employee Ronni Andreasen.

Ronni is hired as a Service Technician and Site Manager at Weiss,but will be working inter-departmental within  Linka Group.
The goal in Linka Group is to prioritise our good service to customers in all segments, which is why we have hired Ronni.

Ronni has worked at Weiss assembly, where he was responsible  for all assembly activity on various new projects.Ronni started on full speed replacing boilers and full service on Hals  district heating plant.
Welcome Ronni,we look forward to working with you.

Weiss moves out west

1. of April 2021 two of the companies in Linka Group moved in together. Weiss moved from our offices in Hadsund into our new location at Linka Energy, in Lem, west Jutland.

April 1st. 2021

After many good years in Hadsund, Weiss ApS is now moving in with our partner Linka Energy.

Our new adress is:
Nylandsvej 38, 6940 Lem St. 

Q-tek Automation

We design, build and program automation for all purposes.

We offer complete projects or as a subcontractor. Our strength is our size, where we collaborate across.

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Linka Group upgrades Swedish wood giant

The Danish Linka Group has through the company Jernforsen upgraded wood producer on sustainable energy: 100% heating with waste!

The sustainable Swedish wood producer Vida AB now only uses waste derived from production to heat both sawmills and drying ovens in Nössemark in Sweden. The upgrade has taken place in close collaboration with Jernforsen, a part of Linka Group, which has provided advice, boiler and optimized the existing installation.

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Christmas 2020

Weiss Service would like to wish all our partners and costumers a very merry Christmas....

KMP Gear for Weiss NFU outfeeder

NFU out-feeder consists of a screw attached to a drive. The out-feeder is placed centrally on the silo bottom. The screw rotates around its own axis, and at the same time it moves in a horizontal, circular course in the silo. The gear motor that controls screw rotations is powered by an electric motor. The gear motor is accustomed to heavy duty.  

Weiss deliveres both new and renovated KPM 120/200 and 200 HD Gear for new as well as already existing installations.

Contact  us at:



Based on a dialog with you, the filterbags are developed and produced to fit your specific Fluegas-filterinstallation and operating conditions, so that the filtration becomes both filtration and energy effective as well as environmentally friendly.

With the purchase of the filterbags, matching steel baskets can be supplied.

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Weiss original Grate Bar/ Spare Parts.

Weiss OEM-suppliers is chosen by several different criteria. Among other things they need to be certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Weiss has visited and selected the supplier.

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New gear-motor is out

gear-motor for Out-feeder NFU 800 HD

This gear motor is accustomed to heavy duty. 

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July 2020

The first half of 2020 has in many ways been an eventful and hectic time for Weiss

On December 20 Weiss was, as you know, bought by Linka Energy and yours truly became part of the co-owners of Linka.

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Linka Group

Our cooperation is running at full speed and right now Linka and Weiss are working together on the installation of a Linka Energy Biomass at SMHH, Mosegaard.

The fuel is straw and it is a 1.0 MW energy plant which will produce heating for a chicken farm.

It is going to be a great little plant.

New employee at Weiss

The Weiss family is growing so we are very happy to, once again, welcome a new employee. Caspar Juul Rasmussen is our new Sales Manager and he will be working Inter-organisational within Linka Group.

Welcome Caspar.

New employee at Weiss

We are happy to welcome Mikael Larsen to Weiss.

Mikael will mainly be found at our office in Hadsund where he will be working with project management, sales and costumer Service.

Welcom Mikael.

Linka Hires new CTO

The company from West Jutland has, from October 1, 2019 hired Agner Lund as CTO.

Agner Lund has for many years been one of Linka Energy's business partners.

With this addition on the technical front, Linka has upgraded with a strong competence in the development of biomass boilers.

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New employee at Weiss

We are very happy to welcome a new employee at Weiss - part of Linka Group. 

Keld Adzersen started on February 3, 2020 and will be working with project support . Keld har previously worked as Senior Project Manager at Weiss A/S, and possesses a great knowledge of  weiss plants and processes. 

Welcome Keld, we look forward to working with you.

Linka Energy acquires Weiss Aps.

On photo from left: Ceo at Linka Energy Thomas Gaardbo, Chairman at Linka Energy Brian Pedersen and Ceo at Weiss  Kenneth Iversen

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Christmas 2019 

Weiss service would like to wish all our costumers and partners a merry Christmas.....

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Autumn 2019

Dear costumers and partners,

The summer is over and it is now that time of year where we will have more time to visit our costumers.

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Weiss oxygen meter the WO2 is no longer in production.

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April 2019

Easter greetings from Weiss CEO.

Spring is here and Easter is knocking at the door. We are through the first quarter of 2019, and things are looking good so far.

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New Employee

Casper is our newest member of staff.

He has graduated as bachelor of Technology management and Marine Engineeríng. He will become a part of our Field Team.

We look forward to working with him.

January 2019

We, at Weiss, would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy new year, and thank you for your constructive cooporation in 2018.

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Change of location

Weiss Aps has moved from our location at Norgesvej 1, to our new facilities at Aalborgvej 53, 9550 Hadsund