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Weiss ApS CSR politic:

CSR is an abbreviation of Corporate Social Responsibility or Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility. CSR is a way, for businesses to take social and societal responsibility. It could be to consider work-, environmental- and climate conditions of the employees, or to take human rights and other social matters into consideration. Overall CSR covers businesses endeavour to create sustainability within the following 3 areas: Social-, environmental- and economic conditions. This is called the threefold bottom line (people, planet, profit).

As a relatively small company in the local community of Mariagerfjord municipality and a few derivative workplaces it is important that the company focus on how Weiss ApS’ activities can have an influence internally in the company, in the local community, nationally and internationally. In Weiss ApS we acknowledge that Social responsibility is an ongoing task and as far as Weiss ApS is concerned:

CSR is social responsibility.

As a small company we will, in spite of limited resources, focus on the following areas of social responsibility:

·         That all employees thrive, both at work and off work (Work Life Balance)

·         Focus on environment and sustainability

·         Human rights

·         To support areas in the local community where the “sponsorship” has the biggest impact

·         Following up on and managing suppliers



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